The Seniors Real Estate Specialist® (SRES®) designation that REALTORS® have are to be able to meet the special needs of maturing Americans when selling or buying residential properties.

Jacob David, REALTOR® agent with Champions Real Estate Group got his SRES (Seniors Real Estate Specialist) designation from the National Association of Realtors which he received back in November 28, 2011.

This Seniors Real Estate Specialist course helps Real Estate agents gain the necessary knowledge to counsel mature adult buyers over the age of 50 with or without their family members being present. “I am happy to have completed this course successfully. I am happy and honored that I am able to help Seniors with their Real Estate needs.”

People over 50 are looking for a good home to settle down and age-in comfortably. The home they choose is a decision they make after much careful thought, weighing all the pros and cons about purchasing a new or existing home, refinancing or doing a reverse mortgage, which includes moving closer to be with their children and grandchildren.

Seniors choose their homes differently. They have a different set of criteria that are important them in choosing a home.

The SRES designation helps Real Estate agents like me identify the needs and wants of the Baby Boomers, Silent and GI Matures generations, all of whom are in some phase of transition in their lives.

The 50+ market is a large segment in Houston and the Seniors Real Estate Market is looking for this much-needed service.

“I am ready and able to offer my skills and services to the best of my ability to help mature adults choose their homes.” Give me a call at 281-546-8433 or message me now.

Senior Real Estate Specialists serve the needs of 50+ in the Real Estate Market.


SRES – Senior Real Estate Specialist is an Official Designation recognized by the National Association of Realtors.

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